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Stem Cell Research Buyer's Guide

Up-to-date guide to the stem cell research products and services offered by nearly 100 companies...

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Stem Cell Research
Buyer's    Guide

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Distributed free of charge to
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Stem Cell
Lab World


The Stem Cell Research Buyer’s Guide is a continually updated resource for locating products and services for ongoing stem cell research.

Easy-to-use, comprehensive, always accessible, the Guide lists the offerings of nearly 100 companies* that provide everything from stem and progenitor cells to stem cell culture media and related products to cell isolation and preservation products to contract research and manufacturing services.


The Buyer's Guide can be downloaded at any time by qualified subscribers to Stem Cell Lab World.

The Guide provides overviews of products, plus complete company contact information (mailing addresses, phone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, Web sites).

The Guide only lists companies whose products are currently approved and available for purchase.

Stem cell research products and services are constantly being developed, tested and marketed. These will be added to the Guide continuously.

Subscribers will be able to quickly and easily locate a service provider or a supplier, find relevant products, and link instantly to company Web sites to obtain product information from the company’s catalog. **

Each link in the PDF Guide, whether e-mail or Web site, is active.

To download the comprehensive, convenient Guide, free of charge, you must qualify for a free subscription to Stem Cell Lab World, a monthly publication covering new technologies, products and services for stem cell researchers and lab personnel.


What companies are included in the Buyer’s Guide?

For a complete list of the companies whose products are represented in the Guide, click here.

What kinds of stem cell research-related products are included in the Guide?

There is a wide variety of products listed in the Guide. But most of the products fall into three main categories: cells and tissues (i.e., embryos, human and animal tissue cells, embryonic and progenitor cells, etc.); cell culture media and growth products; and cell characterization, isolation, differentiation, expansion and preservation products. Within these broader categories, of course, there are more than 60 subcategories.***

I don’t want to subscribe to Stem Cell Lab World. Can I still purchase the Buyer’s Guide?

Unfortunately, not at this time.

My company markets products/services that would be of interest to stem cell research laboratories. But I don’t see us listed in the Guide. How can I get information about my company and its products to you for future listings?

Contact us anytime with complete company contact information and a list of product categories (or, if you provide only one or two products, list the products).

You don’t include companies that provide research or commercialization consultation services, legal services, venture capital, etc. Will these be included at some future date?

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive resource for stem cell researchers. With that in mind, we may expand the categories of services in the near future. E-mail us with your company contact information and a description of your services for consideration.

When will the Buyer’s Guide be available for download?

The Guide is available now for download in PDF format to qualified subscribers to Stem Cell Lab World.

Do you accept advertising in the Buyer's Guide?

Absolutely. There are no longer any advertising fees per se, however. Advertisers simply pay a higher subscription fee for a one-year subscription, entitling them to a one-page ad in every issue for as long as they maintain a subscription.

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* Click here for a list of the companies whose products are represented in the Guide.
** NOTE: Because of space limitations, the Guide does not list a company’s complete product catalog, but does provide links to quickly reach the catalog from your desktop or laptop computer.
*** Click here for a list of these product/service subcategories.

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